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The Friends of

Barton Fields

New friends are always welcome





This picture is the unveiling of the art work created

by St Mathias and Dr, Bells School in 2010 











Those gathered are Pam Blackmore, Mike Bond, Tina Bond. Claire Good, Ali. Webb, Jack Grunwell, and workers from the grounds staff.

 An Oak Tree

was planted in remembrance of Don Blackmore

a founding Trust member who passed away in November 2007


Work started on Monday morning 2nd December, to mark out and start to remove soil

for the new path across the field. The path started life as part of a safer route to school scheme

from Lodge Causeway to the then Speedwell School, we have found that over the years

the path has sunk in some places and risen in others with the worse being at

the back of the first pitch where a pair of wellies are in order when trying to walk along this section.


Main Path Before The Work Started




During The Work




The Finished Job







We also looked at putting an hard surface on the bark chipping surface from the main path to

Charlton Road enabling disabled users and Mums with buggies an easer way to access the fields with out

having to walk all the way down the side of Argyle Road which is narrow.

Having a hard surface on this path will make it much better and safer for every one to use,

(no muddy boots)




During work





Finished Job