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Dear All, 

We recently have had a number of moped/motorbikes stolen from across the beat. Please pass on some key security information over moped/motorbike security. The risk of theft doesn't have to be an inevitable part of owning a motorbike or scooter, a lot of vehicle crime results from criminals seeing opportunities and taking them.

Motorbikes and scooters are an easy target for thieves if they are not secured, as they can be wheeled away or bundled into a van in seconds. It is worth remembering that the more security you can put around your motorbike or scooter, the less attractive it will be to thieves.

You can outsmart most criminals by following some simple advice and security measures:

• Electronic Security - get a combined alarm and immobiliser professionally fitted as these devices really put off would-be thieves. Alternatively you can buy a basic alarm or immobiliser

• Mechanical Security - chains and padlocks are the most versatile forms of mechanical security. A good disc lock will put off casual thieves, but most will only delay a professional for a matter of seconds. Don't rely on a disc lock alone. U-locks are better but make sure they are long enough to secure the bike to an object which cannot be moved

• Marking and Identification systems - put as many security marks on as many parts of your bike as possible. This will make it less attractive to thieves and will also increase the chance of getting your machine back if it is stolen and recovered

• At Home - remember that your motorbike or scooter is still at risk of being stolen when it is parked at your home. Ground anchors are good for protecting your machine. If you have a garage, make sure it has good locks

Security tips:

• If your motorbike or scooter doesn't already have one, get 'Thatcham' or 'Sold Secure' - approved electronic immobiliser professionally fitted

• If you have a security device, use it and keep your keys with you when you leave your machine • always put the steering lock on

• Never leave your keys with the motorbike or scooter, even for a short time. Always keep your keys in a safe place when you are at home

• Wherever possible, use parking spaces which are built especially for motorbikes and scooters and have stands or security loops for you to secure your machine to

• When you are not using your motorbike or scooter, put it in your garage (if you have one) and make sure it has good locks. If you do not have a garage, installing a ground anchor is a good bet

• Get the main parts of your machine marked with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (frame number), registration number or some other unique identifying number, ideally one linked to a recognised database that keeps data to the Loss prevention Council (LPC) Standards 1224 and 1225

• Take steps to defeat criminals who steal number plates, by thinking about fitting theft-resistant ones that conform to the DVLA standard

• Cover your machine if possible

• Whenever possible, avoid leaving your helmet or other possessions on the motorbike or scooter, or in luggage space or panniers.

Remember, most bike crime can be prevented. Don't give criminals an easy ride!

Regards Alison

PCSO 9029
Hillfields Beat Team




This information has been passed to us, so please be vigilant and report any similar incidents.


We have received some information that there have been some males, believed to be Irish Travellers, targeting elderly residents in the local area, door knocking asking to cut their lawns.


They are believed to travel in either White or blue transit vans, index’s unknown.


Descriptions are;

Male 1; Big build, Irish accent, Elvis style haircut.

Male 2White, Irish accent, Ginger hair.


One report has mentioned these males paying an interest in the females car and her dog. So far the reports mention this may have happened on a weekend.


If you see any suspicious behaviour in your area please contact us on 101.


Kind Regards

Leanne Sullivan

PCSO 7966



Please be aware of the following scam:




1931hrs - 29/05/13 - Victim (65yr old man) has received a telephone call from someone claiming to be Matt WAITE from Bedfordshire Police. This male stated that there were some irregularities with the victim's Halifax account tvo £1100. This male needed to obtain the bank details and card details off the victim. He then stated he would attend the address to collect the items. A taxi attended the address at approx. 1940 hrs from Cabot Cars. The company had been called by a male stating his name was David. (David being the name of the victim). The taxi was booked to take the victim to Prince Charles Drive, Brentcross, London. The company was paid £203 via a card payment. Police attended and contacted that telephone number and male answered claiming to be a PC called Matt from Bedfordshire police and when officer reporting identified themselves the male hung up and the phone has been turned off since. The victim has cancelled all his debit and credit cards.





PCSO 9029 Alison POWELL

Hillfields Beat Team