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Work Starts on the new Path


Work started on Monday morning 2nd December, to mark out and start to remove soil

for the new main path across Barton Fields.

The orignal path started life as part of a safer route to school scheme from Lodge Causeway to the

then Speedwell School in the nineties, we have found that over the years the path has sunk in some places and

risen in others with the worse being at the back of the first pitch where a pair of wellies are in order

when trying to walk along this section.


We applied for and were awarded a grant to move and replace a section of the path away from the water,

and we also looked at putting an hard surface on the bark chipping surface from the main path to

Charlton Road enabling disabled users and Mums with buggies an easer way to access the fields with out

having to walk all the way down the side of Argyle Road which is narrow.

Having a hard surface on this path will make it much better and safer for every one to use,

(no muddy boots) 


If you want to see more pictures of the water logged field and now the completed work, please go to the Friends of Barton Fields on the Galleries page




'Trust win big grant'

Barton Fields Trust are delighted to announce they have managed to win a £33,000 + grant to move the pathway running

across the field. This will enable the first team pitch to be enlarged in the future.

The reasons for the grant is:
To eradicate the flooding of the field and pathway at the top of the First's pitch, To put a hard Tarmac surface on the

path running up to the Warwick Public House in Charlton Road.

The work will start in the Autumn.

The Chairman, Mike Bond said "I am delighted with this as in the long run we will be able to extend the pitch to a decent

size and to get rid of that horrible mess at the top of the pitch. My thanks go to Cllr. Phil Hanby and Paul James for

all their work in a successful bid".






Bristol's new Lord Mayor

planting an Oak tree sapling that was grown on the Royal Household Estate to commenorate the Diamond Jubilee was donated to Fields in Trust and given to Barton Fields Trust inrecognition of being a

Queen Elisabeth II field.

8th June 2013





The ground work has now been completed on Barton Hill RFC's first team pitch. The pitch will not be played on until September, so the whole pitch is ready for work on it.



Issued: October 2010  

Barton Hill RFC and Barton Fields Trust appoint Sports Solutions to investigate potential for improving current facilities. Sports Solutions has been appointed by Barton Fields Trust (BFT) and Barton Hill RFC to explore the opportunity to redevelop the Club’s existing facilities at their ground near Speedwell. Sports Solutions, a consultancy specialising in sports and community facility development projects, is investigating the feasibility of a proposal for the Club to redevelop the existing facilities, which would involve improving the existing amenities and the surrounding area. The Club’s current facilities, which include a clubhouse, two pitches and a training ground, are in poor condition and do not make the best use of the available space. Despite having less than adequate facilities, the Club is home to 6 squads, including 3 senior squads, 2 junior squads and 1 youth squad. 

The aim of the project is to create new community and sports facilities which are easily accessible to local schools, other sports organisations and community groups. As concerns about health and fitness increase, new sports facilities which are accessible to all members of the community and which attract more users to sport and recreation will help to address this at a local level. In addition, new facilities can play a positive role in the wider social issues of crime reduction, education and social inclusion, placing sport at the centre of the community. Chris Bevan, Sports Solutions’ Managing Director said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to work with Barton Fields Trust and Barton Hill RFC to investigate the opportunity to redevelop the Club’s existing facilities in Speedwell. Our team’s specialist experience in feasibility studies leading to the delivery of high quality, viable sports and community facilities will help to ensure that potential outcomes for the proposed scheme are fully investigated and appropriate recommendations made that will benefit the wider community”.  

Sports Solutions has commenced work on the project and is currently conducting the feasibility study to establish whether the proposed scheme is a viable project; including identifying enabling development and consultation with stakeholders, Bristol City Council and the local community to ensure full support should the project go ahead. The study will investigate the need for a range of facilities for a large variety of sporting activities and leisure pursuits and the team would like to hear from sports clubs, teams, user groups and anyone who may be interested in the project. Please contact Chris Bevan at Sports Solutions on 01793 833456, or via email at:








Annual Reports and AGMs


The following reports & AGMs are in PDF form and once you have read them please click your browser back arrow to return to this page.



   Report to Council


Report to Council


Report to Council

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  Report to Council

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Report to Council

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Report to Council

& AGM 2012





Community Payback workers have planted 400 Daffodil

(Woodland Mix) in the natural patch on the top part of

the field but because of the late planting should produce a really good display in 2014.




 Barton Fields has won an the award and will be given the status of becoming a "Queen Elizabeth 2" field

and on the 3rd of June 2012 during our

Queens Diamond Jubilee Event a plaque was unveiled by The Lord Mayor of Bristol


The Lord Mayor unveiling the plaque